Electric Automatic Plastic Drink Tea Cups Sealer Sealing Machine封口机


商用奶茶封口机  口径90/95



Electric Automatic Plastic Drink Tea Cups Sealer Sealing Machine 350W ET-Q7 220V


1. Model:  ET-Q7

2. Weight of the machine: 27Kg

3. Power source: 220V 50HZ

4. Work rate: 500W

5. Production capacity: 300 ~ 500 cups per hour

6 .size: 380*320*610mm

Description of adhesive film material and sealing temperature:

1, PE (polyethylene) : 170 ℃

2, PP (polypropylene) : 170 ℃ ~ 200 ℃

3, PS (polystyrene) : 180 ℃

4, easy tear film: 120 ℃ ~ 180 ℃

5, PET (polyester) : 160 ℃ ~ 200 ℃

6. The cup can be sealed with a size below 9590 calibre 17cm


Usage of cup sealing machine

(1) wear adhesive film

1.To get the film, confirm the direction of the film winding, find out the counterclockwise direction, and put it on the rubber film rod fixed.(please turn off the power when wearing the film)

2.Pay attention to whether the fixed splint before and after the rubber film is tightly combined with the rubber film. If it cannot be tightly combined, it is necessary to put the bevelling Angle of the inner side of the rubber film paper tube into the plastic film with an aesthetic knife.

3.After putting on the film, use the tape to firmly stick the film on the feeding paper tube.

(2) sealing operation procedures (instructions for panel operation)

1.Turn on the power supply of the cup sealing machine, turn on the power switch, and the indicator light will be on.After the hot plate to the expected temperature, constant temperature indicator red (sealing machine at work, in a state of heating and heat preservation alternating electric heating device, green and red indicator light is alternating, according to this belongs to the normal phenomenon).

2.Will be under the cup into the slip board, press automatic control switch, lower die board automatically entered into, after touching the trip switch, upper die automatically after receiving signal down the sealing, touching the travel switch delay under pressure for a second, automatic reset, touching the stroke switch, upper die motor stop. Film motor start turning, turning scheduled length, by electric eye control film machine automatically stop, press the semi-automatic control switch, need to press the start button to start a cycle.

3.Press the stop button in any case, then the bottom die slide will automatically slide out of the machine.

(3) Matters needing attention

1. Connect the ground wire to ensure electricity safety.

2. When the machine fails, the power should be turned off first, and normal temperature should be restored before troubleshooting.

3. Do not put your hand between the upper and lower molds during the use to avoid pressure or scalds.

4. The movement of the cup push die must be carried out when the upper press die stops at the highest point.

5. After pushing the template cup into the innermost part, it is not allowed to bounce back, otherwise the upper and lower modules will be damaged.

6. The operating voltage must be maintained at 220V plus or minus 5%.

(4) Cleaning and maintenance

1. Regularly clean the surface, bottom plate, bottom plate, bottom plate, bottom plate, groove, upper die inner pressure plate and positioning rod of the machine platform (note: power supply must be turned off and normal temperature restored).

2. Regularly add butter to drive parts such as bottom die slide, groove and guide rail to ensure the usability of the machine

3, cleaning teeth knife method: first, the lower die with pily ball drain plug, pour boiling water into lower die groove, filled, and then push the slip board in place, the upper die down, the pressure to the lowest point, let the serrated knife for several minutes until clean.Over and over again.



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